At Mosaic, we strive to help you feel your best at work and at home – it’s an essential part of your overall well-being. Our Live Well. Work Well. benefit programs extend beyond your physical health, and Mosaic is here to support you in all parts of your life – safety, physical, psychological, and financial.

What does this mean for you? Whether you need to get help in an emergency situation, find support for a medical issue, connect with a mental health resource or plan for your financial future, Live Well. Work Well. is here for you. Check out our four wellness “pillars” to see how Mosaic can help you and your family when you need it.

Safety Safety

When you’re aware of your overall health and understand your abilities when performing tasks, you can prevent injuries by using your resources and seeking help from others. In addition, you have access to resources to support you before, during, or after an emergency event, such as a hurricane.

Hazard awareness
Emergency response
Risk Reduction Program

Physical Physical

Taking care of your body is an important step in your wellness. There are many programs to help support your journey to optimal physical health.

Health benefits and programs
Onsite / virtual health coaches
Preventive screenings and immunizations
Rewards for participating in wellness activities

Psychological Psychological

Like your physical health, mental wellbeing is a journey, and you’re not alone. Mosaic has programs to support you and your family.

Lyra coaching and therapy
Educational videos and resources
Psychological wellness training

Financial Financial

Financial wellness is about having control over what you’re spending, as well as preparing for the future. It’s never too late to start using these programs to support your financial goals.

Retirement savings plans
Financial and retirement resources (including financial counseling)
Life and disability insurance


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